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Brand strategy.

To grow is not enough, you need to create value.
We help our clients to develop a brand strategy based on cultural and economical data. We regard growth as an obvious objective: the world benefits from strong brands. But we also want to create value: to make sure our clients contribute to a world that flourishes both socially and ecologically. After all, investors take ESG-analysis into account when they decide in which companies to invest.

Product development.

Successful innovations are meaningful for both the individual and the group.
We help companies to direct their offer more decisively on what the world needs today. The most successful innovations don’t just cater to the individual but to the group as well. In order to spark innovation, we identify and articulate the core competence of an enterprise. Only companies who know exactly who they are, can go forth and pioneer new markets.

Illustration NEW
Illustration NEW

Reputation management.

Less spin, more facts and figures.
We don’t like to toss around generalisations like sustainability or diversity. We prefer to help companies improve their ESG scores: their measured achievements in regard to the environment, social equality and corporate governance. The world needs less spin, and more facts and figures. Take Delhaize’s nutriscore as an example: it is infinitely more compelling than an empty health claim.

Brand narrative.

From storytelling to purpose-telling.
We write brand narratives that have a powerful societal impact. That give our clients a provocative and irreplaceable place in the collective consciousness. The development of a brand narrative is so much more than just storytelling. A story is about facts, events and happenings. A narrative is about a worldview. It cements the words and ideas that differentiate a brand from all others.

Illustratie merkdiscours
Illustratie merkdiscours


The power of collaboration.
In today’s world, you gain more from combining forces with others. From linking up diverse interests with one another. We help companies to find partners with whom they can explore new opportunities. And we too seek alliances: we create strong partnerships with a company’s stakeholders and establish close collaborations with outside specialists.