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What you can call us for.

  • We help companies to formulate their core competence and to develop their own unique narrative.
  • We enrich brand strategies with insights gleaned from cultural and economic data.
  • We explore new markets and target audiences.
  • We evaluate and design brand architectures.
  • We define and refine corporate cultures and values.
  • We turn employees and customers into brand ambassadors.
  • We reconcile innovation projects with the heritage of a brand.
  • We design brand identities that nobody can imitate.
  • We write brand manifestos that will outlast more than one marketing manager.
  • We investigate the strategic potential of artificial intelligence and other technological developments.
  • We guard the red thread in everything a brand says and does.

The power of collaboration.

Fauconnier+Selfslagh is not merely the sum of two individuals. We collaborate closely and intensively with the stakeholders inside organisations. And we seek out strategic partnerships with external experts: creatives, strategists, analysts and technologists.

Our collaborations are light, temporary and flexible. It’s a matter of efficiency, indeed. The days of having to sign your name below overbearing and everlasting contracts are over.

And to be clear: we don’t compete with advertising agencies or other consultants. We believe in combining our strengths.

Schema Collaboration
Schema Collaboration